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Quality Control

Quality Inspection (QC)

Meikang company plans a long-term product security strategy, is committed to working with partners to achieve sustainable growth;

Inspection aspects

The whole process of quality control:

Mi Kang Kang carefully selected the world's leading supplier of raw materials, from the source to ensure product quality and safety, is the DSM raw material supplier strategic partner.

Mei Kang is equipped with a dedicated standard R & D team, for each material and products are able to establish higher than the industry generally require internal control standards, the annual development of new standards of about 40, the newly established 50 test methods.

From the raw materials, intermediates, until the finished product, the United States Kang to achieve the whole process of testing and quality control. We are not only concerned about the content of active ingredients, but also concerned about the heavy metal content and pesticide residues and other safety indicators, for raw materials in the heavy metals, microorganisms and other hazardous items to control each batch, to ensure maximum safety of raw materials

Source of raw materials

● Mei Kang annual inspection of finished products, raw materials, packaging materials batches of more than 5,000 batches, the release of finished products about more than 1,400 batches. Meikang company can achieve 100% self-test of domestic health food, each year with the third-party authority of the laboratory for comparison, the pass rate reached 100%!

Meikai Kang test center area of more than 800 square meters, at the end of October 2007 put into operation, more than 10 quality inspection team for product quality and safety to provide a solid and reliable basis for testing. Inspection center construction a total investment of more than 3 million, from Shenzhen senior professional design company to provide design.

All precision instruments, general equipment are purchased from the world famous brands, gas chromatography and liquid chromatography is the purchase of Japan Shimadzu; electronic analytical balance is the Swiss METTLER TOLEDO company and Germany Sartorius company production.

Microbiology laboratory alone sub-regional management, with three independent clean work room, with 10,000 clean level under the background of 100 clean bench, you can microbial limit, pathogens, probiotics and other items of the test.